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Official website of American musician, composer, and entrepreneur JJ Bassette, a 23 year old California kid currently banging on pianos all over China.

On with the show - 可不可以!(New Music Monday)

Hey Friends,

Thank you so much for the awesome response to last week’s video.  I really enjoyed hearing everyone's feedback - and we had over 2,000 video views in China over the first 48 hours!

This week’s song is very special: it’s my first song completely in Chinese. Those of you who know who Wang Lee Hom is will probably enjoy this :)

Here's a direct YouTube link, in case of any embedding issues.

If you enjoyed it, I ask you quick help forward this video to two friends who you think might get a kick out of it.  That’s the single best way to support me right now!

Some other exciting news: on Wednesday (probably via WeChat only, sorry!), I’ll be releasing my first “Three Song Wednesday (三首周三),” where this week, I’ll share some of the best work from the most famous band of all time: The Beatles.  

Thanks, friends!  See you next Monday!


P.S. If you missed it last week, the below 60-second video explains what the hell I'm doing in China.