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Official website of American musician, composer, and entrepreneur JJ Bassette, a 23 year old California kid currently banging on pianos all over China.

Path #2

I have no idea if anyone will read this.  

I'm not even entirely sure anything I have to say is worth writing down.  

I could be totally full of shit.  

I won't always know exactly what to think or feel about something.  

I might burnout, give up, crash and burn, or flat out embarrass myself.  

I could fail.  

But what I see are two paths.  One wherein I walk calmly down a well-trodden avenue populated with shopping malls and fast food chains, until wading off into the sea of eternity, a fleeting ripple soon smoothed over by the tide.  Perhaps this is, in fact, my inevitable fate.  

Alternatively, I could audaciously assume that my internal compass will lead to where I am meant to be, wherever that is.   Assume that what I write, words or music or some combination of the two, has value to someone out there.  And, perhaps, that creating as much of this value as I can, for as many people as possible - and, together, making the biggest ripple of positive change we can - is the reason I was put here.   

I honestly don't know.  I don't think there's a wrong way to live life, a blanket rule that applies to everyone.  

All I know, is that one of those paths leads to a question, the other a statement:

#1. "What if?"
#2. "I tried."

And regardless of "success," I wouldn't be able to live with the first.  

Regardless of "failure," I could handle the second.  

Thank you for joining me on path number two.