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Hey Jude VS 童话:Two Cross-Cultural Classics

East meets West in this powerful, decade-spanning mashup of two cross-cultural classics.

One thing that continually amazes me about China isn't what you'd expect.

It isn't its beautiful sights and landscapes, the food delivery, or the incredible selection and speed of their Amazon Prime, though I do deeply appreciate all those things (except when the delivery guys bang on your door at 8 AM and call you 17 times).  It's deeper than that.  

In fact, it amazes me how similar people are, at our most human levels, all over the world. We have differences, to be sure - and those should be celebrated - but at the end of the day, we're all mostly the same.  We have dreams: for our future, for our children.  We want to eat, provide for our families, have a roof over our head.  We want to love, and be loved.

And we all love great songs.  So in celebration of our similarities, here's two of the greatest: together for the first time.

Click to play! (via YouTube)

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