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Warning: this might make you smile!

As cliche as this sounds...I wrote this for someone I love and had to say goodbye to this week.

If you've ever just wanted to make someone smile - no matter how far away they were from you - you will understand this song.

I give you - and her - There (Are You Smiling?)

Today's love songs too often celebrate nothing but empty physical attraction, products of a world that perpetuates stereotypes and gender inequality.

Whatever happened to simply wanting someone to smile?  I hope she does when she reads this.

And I hope you did too.


P.S. If I made you smile this week, please forward this email to one person who you think would smile receiving this from you.  How much happier could we make the world if we all sent each other one extra smile every day?  

P.P.S. If I didn't make you smile this week :(, perhaps last week's cross-cultural classics combo Hey Jude vs. 童话 might! :)