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JJ's 3 Coolest Songs (+1...in ENGLISH!)

JJ shares a catchy new English song, along with the biggest fan favorites (so far).
Is yours in the top 3?

Dear Friends,

To celebrate breaking 10,000 views in China this week (12,792 and counting!), in addition to a brand new song unlike anything else I've put out so far (not to mention, IN ENGLISH!), I wanted to quick feature the biggest fan favorites so far.

Thank you so much to all of you for tuning in, showing your friends, and reposting on Facebook - this is all thanks to you!

(BTW - If you've been tuning in every week and just want the new song, it's at the bottom).

3. One Life (一生)

The song that started it all!  My first release in China is still my go-to for live performances, as it perfectly captures the bilingual nature of my songwriting, and lets me jam out on the piano (2:10+).

2. With My Life (太阳月亮)

This video, which features me and two clones performing an 81 track recording of which I played every instrument, was the most technically demanding project I've done so far.  It also happens to be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever written, bilingual or otherwise.  

1.  朋友 (Zhou HuaJian Reimagination)

Anyone also following me in China will have seen this coming. But yes, my reimagination of the Chinese classic 朋友 by 周华健, featuring modernized production and Beach Boys harmonies, continues to be the most popular thing I've released so far, over 2,500 views and counting!

And, as promised, here's this week's new song.  I've been dying to produce this ever since I wrote it, almost 2 years ago!  (Warning: listener discretion is advised.)

Onwards and upwards - see you next Monday!


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