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Official website of American musician, composer, and entrepreneur JJ Bassette, a 23 year old California kid currently banging on pianos all over China.

My Religion

"My Religion," a rare live cut from JJ's first performance in China.


Exactly 6 months ago Sunday marks the first time I performed any of my music here in Shanghai.  Brand new to China and eager to get feedback on the bilingual songs I'd scraped together, I gathered a bunch of friends (and local friends of friends), crammed them in my apartment, and played them my work.  (Nervous, of course, that they'd hate my music and I'd moved halfway around the world for nothing.)

Thankfully, that wasn't the case, and their enthusiastic insight was the basis for what became my official channel 4 months later.  

Here's one of their favorite performances from that evening, as they heard it 6 months ago:

That night sometimes feels like yesterday, and sometimes feels like 6 years ago!  It's been so rewarding to see my audience in China and abroad grow from 20 people in a room to what it is now.  See you next Monday!

JJ Bassette

P.S. Happy 4th of July!  Not much of a holiday here.